Physical Therapist Assistant Salary and Job Description

Physiotherapist Assistant or PTA jobs

Usually the assistant to physiotherapist is health care worker. Specific job entrusted to the assistant is to teach the clients the ways of effectively coping with the limitations in movements, functioning and activities. Naturally the assistant would perform such job under the overall supervision of a licensed physiotherapist. Multiple types of jobs are available and the salary structure also varies widely.

Job License

In most of the states it is necessary that the assistant also gets a license. Regulatory bodies in U.S and Canada categorize the assistants as support personnel.

Job Titles

Various titles are attached to the job. Accordingly the assistants are designated as the physiotherapist aide or assistants, and at times as physiotherapist attendant. In addition these assistants are also called as rehabilitation aide or assistants, restorative care aides or therapy assistant.

Job Specification

Physiotherapy focuses on physical functioning as well as abilities of the individuals and may not be confused with occupational therapy that aims at maximizing the daily activities in human beings. Duties may be diverse as they are often entrusted by the physiotherapist.

Job Chart

Job chart of the physiotherapist assistant includes –

Clinical care of patients;

Education and support for addressing physical and psychological self care;

Assisting program planning;

Ensuring submission of timely and accurate information about the patient;

Implementation of treatment plan under the supervision of the therapist;

Assisting in self mobility development in the patient;

Assisting the patient in his or her individual cognitive programs;

Conducting group activities or exercises; and

Maintenance of equipment inventories.

Salary Structures

Physical Therapist assistant salary on average ranges from $45,000 to $84,000 in United States and Canada according to a recent survey conducted in the beginning of the year 2010. Assistants with basic qualifications of diploma, and certificates, or associate degree combined with formal training may start at $45,000 per annum on average. In addition to the basic qualification they should have the first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificates as well.

Higher Ranks

With growth in experience and consequential expertise, and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, the job descriptions of the assistant will change. Consequentially he or she would draw higher salaries that could go up to maximum average of $84,000 per annum. Salaries will also vary depending on the company, location, industry, experience as well as benefits accrued.

One of the fastest growing sectors generating vast scope for employment, physiotherapist assistant’s job can ensure handsome salaries. State university website has a comprehensive database on Physical Therapist salary enabling aspirant candidates to check and compare the career opportunities available.

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